4 Big Games Launching the Week of June 16

EA Sports UFC

Thanks to the video game industry’s biggest convention happening right now in Los Angeles, almost no major games came out this week. That’s because no publisher wants to release a game when the press is laser-focused on news coming out of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3.) Thankfully, things will return to normal next week, with games launching on every major platform. Read on to see what’s coming out in the days ahead.

EA Sports UFC

Releases June 17 (Xbox One, PlayStation 4)

Only one gaming company gets the license to make an official UFC game each year, and this year the crown goes to Electronic Arts. EA Sports UFC takes many cues from the company’s boxing games, which means it will feature complex fighting mechanics worthy of the sport of mixed martial arts. Players will use a combination of buttons and analog stick gestures to unleash a large variety of punches, kicks, grapples, takedowns, and submission moves. The game will feature about 100 fighters, including all the big names in the sport, plus Bruce Lee as a bonus character.

Pushmo World

June 19 (Wii U)

The Pushmo series started on the Nintendo 3DS, but now it’s making the leap to the Wii U. Pushmo World stars a strange chubby creature who has to make his way from the ground to the top of a pile of colorful blocks. All of the blocks are pushed in at the start of each puzzle (think of the blocks like drawers on a dresser.) To reach the top, you have to figure out which blocks to pull out and which to push in, in order to climb to the top. It’s more complicated than it might sound, especially once the game introduces portals and buttons that let you manipulate the blocks further. If this Wii U installment is as good as the 3DS ones, it will definitely be worth a look.