5 Biggest Games Last Week Reviewed: A Very Big Week

Source: Ubisoft

Last week was huge for gamers. It saw the launch of a major new franchise with Watch Dogs, and the continuation of one of the most critically acclaimed series in video game history with Mario Kart 8. But not every game released last week was a winner, so read on to make sure you don’t pick a stinker next time you hit up your local game store.

Watch Dogs

(Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, PC)

Consensus: Good

After being hyped for nearly two years, Watch Dogs has hit store shelves for just about every major console on the market, save the Wii U. The game plays like a cross between Grand Theft Auto and Splinter Cell, with a touch of hacking added to the mix for all sorts of new gameplay, not to mention a handful of special multiplayer modes.

If Watch Dogs wasn’t an overwhelming critical success, some of that can be chalked up to the hype it had built up since the game was announced. However, most critics agree that graphics are great and the hacking is fun, but the storyline is full of clichés, and the main character comes off as wooden. But when a game aims this high, a few drawbacks can be overlooked. If you’re in the market for a polished game capable of giving you dozens of hours of entertainment, Watch Dogs is it.