Top 5 Fun Video Games That Actually Teach You Something

Everyone plays games to have fun, but not all games are created equal. Some games can enrich your life in other ways, like by providing you with skills or knowledge you wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. Below are five games that are fun to play in their own right but that can also help make you a more well-rounded person. Whether you want to brush up on history or learn to play the guitar, these games have you covered.

Source: E-Line Media

1. Never Alone

  • Available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Windows

Never Alone is a side-scrolling platformer unlike any other. It was made in a partnership between game developers and Alaskan Native community members, who told their handed-down stories to the developers, who then turned them into a game. You play as a girl who lives in a Northern Alaskan town that’s been hammered by nonstop blizzards. You trek out to find the source of the storms and stop them.

As you play, you unlock documentary snippets that fill you in on the real lives and culture of the Iñupiaq people, who have called Northern Alaska their home for thousands of years. Not only is the game a fun platformer, but it also teaches you about a culture you probably knew little or nothing about. It’s a remarkable game on many levels, and it doesn’t hurt that looks gorgeous and plays great, either.