5 Gadgets From This Week: Rick Roll Makes a Chromecast Comeback, Vapor Shots

This week the tech industry revealed some interesting gadgets. One that Chromecast users should especially take note of, lest they want their streaming stick to get jacked. Other bits of news may be of interest or concern depending on whether your a college student or the parent of one, and if you’re the latter there’s a device to help calm your nerves if you use it for just 3 minutes every day.

There’s something for partiers, the easily stressed, hikers, and those who want an accessory to improve their smartphone’s battery life. Read on to find out what news made the top of our list this week.

Read your brain waves
Not sure how you feel? Strap on the Muse headset. EEG sensors are embedded in the headband that use electrical impulses to decrypt our brain waves and translate them into feelings. The headset doesn’t read thoughts, so it won’t be able to tell you what the cause of your stress or anxiety is, but it will only take 3 minutes after these readings to set your mind at ease. Muse will give you some exercises to help manage your stress and get you’re brain waves back to calm. It’s currently for sale for the steep price of $299. But how much is your mental health worth?

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