5 Hottest Video Game Rumors from Last Week: Free Game Trials and More

Who doesn’t love a good rumor? We’re going to run down the hottest video game rumors that have surfaced on the Internet over the past week and try to determine whether they’re likely to be true or false. Best of all, this week’s selections look to be pretty likely overall. Read on to find out what just might be coming up in the world of gaming.

Source: Thinkstock

1. Is Resident Evil: Revelations 2 in the works?

The first major action game for the 3DS was Resident Evil: Revelations – a fun, gorgeous title that showed off the power of the new handheld system. The game was so well received that it was later ported to consoles as a digital download. A French website called Gamer In a Box noticed two promotional images uploaded to Xbox.com that appear to depict cover art for a sequel to the game. The images have since been removed.

Since the images are directly from the official Xbox website, it’s highly likely that this game is in fact in the works and will be announced soon. The world could use a good new Resident Evil game, as Resident Evil 6 was not so well received.

Verdict: Very likely.