5 Smart Home Devices That Have Been Hacked

Source: Thinkstock

Smart devices are quickly moving out of our hands and laps and surrounding us in our homes. In 2012, the home automation market was worth $1.5 billion, and is only expected to grow. There’s an undeniable convenience these devices offer consumers by controlling things, like the temperature of a home from a smartphone. But like all things connected to the web, smart home devices are equally susceptible to the same kinds of attacks as home computers.

The news has documented a few cases of devices overtaken by nefarious individuals. These attacks have exposed some lax security measures taken by companies, and hopefully it will make consumers more aware before connecting their devices into the “Internet of Things.”

Luckily, there are companies looking out for consumers. Various security conventions, like Def Con and Black Hat, have allowed researchers to test and expose flaws within smart home systems and devices. Flaws that are user-related (i.e. no username/password on Wifi networks) as well as on the product side.