6 Video Games That Fit Into More Than One Genre

Here’s a conundrum. Sometimes you can’t decide what kind of video game you feel like playing. Wouldn’t it be great to play two different kinds of games at once? But even in this age of way-too-many-games, it’s pretty rare for a single title to mix two genres in a way that’s greater than the sum of its parts. Below are six genre mash-ups that actually pull it off.

1. Valkyria Chronicles

Source: Sega

Source: Sega

Just describing this unique Japanese game might be enough to melt your mind. It’s a turn-based strategy RPG and a third-person shooter rolled into one. It’s also set in an alternate-reality version of World War II that pits an evil Germany stand-in empire against a small but spirited country. Your job is to lead a squad of fighters through a series of battles.

The basic rhythm of the gameplay is that you view the battlefield from a strategic vantage point above the action, then select a troop to make a move. The camera then dives in close to the action, where you control where your the characters move and how they aim their weapons to fire at the enemies. Miss your target, and you just wasted a turn. Valkyria Chronicles is a unique game that pulls off its genre mash-up with surprising grace.