5 Video Games to Keep You Feeling American After July 4

Show off your American spirit with a few patriotic video games to stave off the summer heat and keep yourself busy in between barbecues (or while you barbecue.) Independence Day may be over, but your display of patriotism doesn’t have to end. Some of these games may take a while to complete, but none of them should break the bank. We’re digging into the archives on this one to find the best games to keep up the American spirit with the holiday now behind us.

Broforce ($14.99)

The quintessential all-American game. Play as all the famous action bros of Hollywood, like Rambro, Ellen Ripbro, Brodell Walker, and so on. “Liberate” areas by blowing everything up, as any American hero would. Raise up the flag at various check points, and after everyone is dead, get to the chopper and get on to the next mission.

It’s a chaos shooter with platforming that screams American action movie. You can find it up for download for Mac and PC. The system requirements are fairly minimal, so many computers should be able to play it. Also, many digital storefronts put it up for sale in light of the holiday season, such as The Humble Store and Steam, so you may get lucky if you act fast enough.