6 Apple iPhone 6 Rumors to Ruminate From Last Week

With the expected unveiling of Apple’s new iPhone 6 models less than one month away, it seems that the usual trickle of iPhone 6 component leaks and rumors has recently turned into a flood. Along with several previously unseen iPhone 6 parts, last week also saw new rumors about the device’s production schedule, release date, and the possible addition of a new country to the list of places that will be included in the initial launch for the upcoming iPhone models. Here are the latest Apple iPhone 6 rumors that were making the rounds last week.

Source: Nowhereelse.fr

Source: Nowhereelse.fr

1. iPhone 6 Apple logo, camera ring, and more

The source: Last week kicked off with a deluge of purported iPhone 6 components courtesy of French tech website Nowhereelse.fr. The leaked parts included a translucent Apple logo that will supposedly be embedded in the rear casing of the new iPhone models, a round camera ring, a camera flash module, a Touch ID support ring, a headphone jack, and a Lightning connector bracket.

The background: Most of the leaked components obtained by Nowhereelse.fr are not particularly notable except as further evidence that the production of the iPhone 6 is ramping up. However, the translucent Apple logo, the round camera ring, and the flash module are all interesting because they suggest Apple has implemented several major design changes from the current model’s design.

Previous leaks of the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 rear casing showed a cutout Apple logo aperture. The emergence of a translucent Apple logo part appears to offer further proof that Apple will use an embedded logo in the iPhone for the first time since the original iPhone in 2007, instead of the usual engraved logo. The embedded logo has also led to speculation that the iPhone 6 will feature an illuminated logo, like what is seen on Apple’s MacBooks.

As noted by Nowhereelse.fr, the round camera ring appears to be designed to protrude slightly from the casing, a significant departure from the current sleek iPhone design. Finally, the camera flash module appears to show the True Tone dual LED flash technology that Apple introduced on the iPhone 5S. However, it appears that Apple has abandoned the “pill-shaped” aperture used on the iPhone 5S and has returned to a round hole design.