6 Biggest Video Game Rumors on the Internet

Everyone loves a good rumor. We’re going to run down the hottest video game rumors that have surfaced on the Internet recently and try to determine whether they’re likely to be true or false. Put on your detective hat and follow along.

Source: Thinkstock

1. Is an unannounced Halo game in the works?

343 Industries, the developer that took the helm on the Halo franchise after Bungie blasted off to work on Destiny, is currently working on Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Halo 5: Guardians. But a recent job posting on Microsoft’s website (that’s since been taken down) says the company is looking for developers to work on a “new project line in the Halo universe.” What could it mean? Could it be a new mobile game like Halo: Spartan Assault? Or will it be an offshoot of the main Halo series, like Halo Wars? Or something entirely new? Either way, it’s pretty exciting for fans of the series.

Verdict: Very likely

2. Have GTA Online heist mission details leaked?

Fans of Grand Theft Auto V’s robust online mode have been chomping at the bit for Rockstar to unleash the Heist Mission DLC that the company announced long ago. These missions will let friends band together as criminals to perform spectacular crimes, or as the cops to stop the other team. A website called Load the Game has released alleged details of the heists gamers can expect to participate in once the content goes live later this year. The question is: Are those details true? There’s a good chance they are, as the leaks reportedly come from a YouTuber with a strong history of leaking GTA Online info before it launches.

Verdict: Probably