6 New Gadgets Last Week: Behavioral Conditioning and Bullet Wounds

Source: Thinkstock

Source: Thinkstock

This week, startups, Kickstarters, and Indiegogos took the spotlight with various device announcements for a variety of needs. Some products will attract parents, military and gun enthusiasts, and homeowners looking to set the right mood at a dinner party. These devices have quite a variety of functions between them — and more than one will likely raise eyebrows.

Kudoso router allows parents to give out “internet allowances”

This Kickstarter projects seeks to reward kids with internet time. The Kudoso router allows you to hand out “internet allowances” to your kids and their devices. The team wants to create a simple and easy to use interface where parents can effectively manage the devices on their network and give them certain privileges.

Parents will also be able to see what sites their kids are visiting most and adjust how much it “cost” to visit certain sites.