8 Incredibly Big Video Game Lawsuits



Video games are a multi-billion dollar industry, and with the success that comes in any enterprise, there’s also a certain amount of legal risk. People will try to sue, claiming you copied their game, and sometimes there are some questionable deals being made behind closed doors. Like any business, the video game industry has been filled with lawsuits concerning more than just copyright complaints.

Gate Five LLC v. Beyoncé Knowles-Carter

Gate Five LLC had secured an agreement with Beyoncé to have her perform in the upcoming game “Starpower: Beyoncé.” However, while securing further funding, Beyoncé dropped out while still under contract. The pop singer argued that Gate Five missed a payment deadline, so she was well within her contractual right to walk away. Gate Five didn’t see it that way, having had to lay off 70 employees and cancel the title because of her walk-off. The suit ended in both sides dismissing “all claims or counterclaims.”