Amazon’s New Store May One Day Let You Customize Anything


Amazon’s (NASDAQ:AMZN) newest storefront can make online shopping a little more fun and a little more creative than what you might expect. The retailer has launched a new store for 3D-printed items, accessible at, which offers more than 200 3D printed items ranging from toys to tech accessories and jewelry to home decor and kitchen tools. The products can be ordered directly from Amazon’s store, where consumers can use a “product personalization widget” to customize them before ordering.

The items are printed on demand and shipped to the customer by a wide range of partners, including Mixee Labs, 3DLT, Thingify, i.materialise, and Sculpteo. While not all of the items currently in the store can be customized, Amazon allows consumers to personalize some of the products via a “Personalize Now” button right above the “Add to Cart” button on the product page. Customers can change the item’s color, size, materials, or even aspects of the design, and preview the item with a 360-degree display. Amazon even links to a PDF guide that steps consumers through the process of personalizing an item in the 3D Printing Store, which features a “Creative Expressions” section dedicated to products that consumers can customize.

Because every item is printed on demand, choosing to customize an item doesn’t affect its price or ship time. Shipping times vary, with ranges like “6 to 10 days” or “1 to 3 weeks” cited on the product pages, while prices range from $8.22 for a heart pendant to $739.34 for a “Chaos” table lamp.