Apple Wants Second Shots at Samsung’s Infringement and Money

Source: Thinkstock

It’s the song that never ends — the back and forth feud between Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) and Samsung (SSNLF.PK) over alleged patent infringement and the occasional court-confirmed infringement. The two companies are leaders in the tech industry, but their paths to having the greatest and most popular products is consistently marred with claims of one copying aspects of the other’s devices and vice versa. Though a long-lasting trial on this very matter concluded recently, it seems Apple isn’t quite satisfied with the results.

The trial between Apple and Samsung was over a number of patents on both sides. Apple had five that it was trying Samsung for infringing. The courts denied two of Apple’s claims against Samsung, and awarded damages of $119.6 million for three of the patents that Samsung was found to have infringed — those patents being the ‘721 “slide-to-unlock” patent, the ‘647 “quick links” patent, and the ‘172 “autocomplete” patent. Of course, this was nowhere near the $2.2 billion Apple had been seeking from the Korean manufacturer. On the reverse end, Samsung won a small $158,400 for Apple’s infringement of one patent.

It was recently reported that Apple was going to seek a sales ban on Samsung’s infringing products. This came in the wake of the trial ending and rumors that Apple and Samsung were working out some matters in out-of-court settlement talks. But these talks were said to have fizzled as evidenced by comments from Samsung calling Apple a “Jihadist” with this patent-infringement trial being “Apple’s Vietnam.” Now Apple seems to have slightly different plans for how to continue its pursuit of this patent infringement.