Samsung Jumps on the Metal Smartphone Bandwagon With the Galaxy Alpha



Samsung recently unveiled the Galaxy Alpha, the first of its smartphones to include prominent metal design elements. Featuring a metal-framed casing with chamfered edges, the Galaxy Alpha appears to be aimed at the high-end smartphone market long dominated by Apple’s iPhone. The Galaxy Alpha is “the first Samsung Galaxy smartphone with a high-quality metal frame and luxury look and feel,” according to the company’s official website.

Various rumors about a new high-end Samsung smartphone alternately known as the Galaxy F or the Galaxy S5 Prime have been circulating for several months. Late last month, the speculation appeared to be confirmed when Samsung senior vice president of mobile communications Hyun-Joon Kim announced that the company would soon be releasing “a very attractive new model that uses new materials and new displays,” as reported by CNET.

Besides the use of metal in its design, the Galaxy Alpha is also differentiated from previous Galaxy smartphones by its thinness. According to Samsung, the Galaxy Alpha is “the sleekest Samsung Galaxy smartphone ever” with a thickness of just seven millimeters. This is over a millimeter thinner than the Galaxy S5, which is 8.1 millimeters thick.

So will the Galaxy Alpha give Samsung a foothold in the lucrative high-end smartphone market? Although the Galaxy Alpha’s chamfered metal edges gives the device what Samsung calls a “luxury look,” the Galaxy Alpha still retains many of the design elements that were seen in previous Galaxy smartphone iterations, such as the dimpled plastic rear casing. Oddly enough, the Galaxy Alpha’s technical specifications also fall below the Galaxy S5’s specifications, which places the Galaxy Alpha’s capabilities somewhere between the Galaxy S5 mini and the current flagship Galaxy S5.