Apple’s U.K. Customers Show the Most iOS 7 Love


Are Apple’s U.K. customers the biggest fans of the company’s latest mobile operating system? According to a new study from online ad network company Chitika, Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) British customers have a lead on their Yankee counterparts across the pond when it comes to combined iOS 7 adoption rates for the iPhone and iPad. On the other hand, Apple users down under are a bit more cautious when it comes to installing the latest version of iOS.

A previous Chitika study conducted before the recently concluded Worldwide Developers Conference found that 89.7 percent of U.S. and Canadian iPhone Web traffic is produced by devices running some version of iOS 7. This rate of adoption is slightly lower than the 92.7 percent adoption rate achieved by iOS 6 during the same time period last year. However, Chitika researchers noted that there were several issues associated with the iOS 7 upgrade that may have led a small percentage of users to stick with iOS 6. It should also be noted that iOS 7 featured a completely redesigned user interface with a new, flatter appearance that may have made some users hesitant to upgrade.

While Chitika’s last study compared iOS 7 adoption rates in North America to the iOS 6 adoption rates during the same period last year, the latest study examined adoption rates on a regional basis by comparing iOS Web traffic in the U.K., Australia and North America. As seen in the chart above, iOS 7 adoption rates for iPhone users in the U.K. are evenly matched with North American iPhone users at 89.7 percent. However, the U.K.’s iOS 7 adoption rate on the iPad gives the region an overall lead on North America.