17 Big Video Games That Have Been Delayed

Maybe it’s just the nostalgia talking, but it seems like video games used to come out when they were supposed to. Not anymore. In this console generation, delayed video games are starting to become an expected part of the development cycle, just like the occasional buggy release. A ton of games that were slated for release have been pushed back for a variety of reasons. What big upcoming games have been delayed? Read on to find out.

1. Final Fantasy XV

Original release date: September 30, 2016
New release date: November 29, 2016

For a game that’s been in development for 10 years, what’s another two months? That’s the question fans of the long-running Final Fantasy series have to ask themselves about the upcoming 15th main installment. Despite the bizarre demo Square Enix released earlier this year, the game looks pretty great. We should know, because the development team has offered up tons of gameplay footage, including the one above that shows the game’s opening hour. Check it out and hop aboard the hype train, as long as you don’t mind waiting a little longer.

2. The Last Guardian

Original release date: 2011
New release date: December 6, 2016

In development since 2007, The Last Guardian is the next game from Team Ico, the developer behind the PlayStation 2 classics Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. The game was supposed to launch on PlayStation 3, but its troubled development cycle kept pushing back the date, to the point where a new generation of consoles has taken over. So while the game may look more like a PS3 game, it’s launching on PS4 — assuming it ever does actually come out.

The developer has a strong (if short) track record of excellent games, but when a game takes this long to come out, there’s reason to worry it won’t live up to fans’ expectations.