Can Zynga Win Over Investors With Its Ever-Popular Game Lineup?

Source: Zynga

Zynga Inc. (NASDAQ:ZNGA), a social game service provider, is proving to be a promising example of a Web games company with a sustainable play in a market filled with competitors whose unreliable revenue streams, dependent on the next big game, aren’t appealing to investors. Zynga, by contrast, experts say, has created sustainability by utilizing game concepts that can be repeated for continued success.

That certainly seems to be the case with the company’s latest release of “Hit it Rich!” anyway — the company announced last week the game is now available on Google Play.

“By blending the look and feel of real slot machines with iconic entertainment brands and free-to-play, social gaming elements, Hit it Rich! delivers consumers an authentic entertainment experience that mirrors the fun people have in real casinos around the world,” said Joe Kaminkow, Zynga’s chief game designer of the title, per the company’s press release last week.

“By bringing this true to life slots experience to the Web, iPhone, iPad and now Google Play, consumers now have the freedom to play their favorite branded slot games however and whenever they want,” Kaminkow added.

The company has also found a way to generate continued success by releasing different versions of the “Hit it Rich!” game, each of which are catered to a specific fan base. For instance, the company has released “Sex in the City,” “Duck Dynasty,” “Wizard of Oz,” as well as “Terminator” versions of the game.