Check Out the 6 Best Devices for Streaming on Your TV


Streaming video has been gaining mass appeal over recent years thanks to services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBOGO, and more. It’s also been pushed by a youth audience that increasingly turns to the Internet over live TV streams. There’s plenty of content to stream thanks to the mentioned services — everything from recent movies in HD to classics films in black and white, as well as many classic TV series in whole and brand new, exclusive TV series.

Of course, the problem with streaming is that you need a bit more than a screen and a cable cord. You may be able to use your computer or laptop, but getting the full experience on your TV would require more wires and a potential shift around of your hardware to set it up. If you’ve already got a video game console, you’re in luck, and can probably do without any additional streaming boxes since the modern consoles support applications for the most popular streaming services. However, computers and gaming consoles can cost a lot. That’s where streaming boxes come in.

Here’s a look at’s 6 top-ranked devices in the category that feature 1080p or 1080i HD video streaming capabilities for under $100. (note: all require an internet connection for full functionality)

6. Chromecast:

At just $35, Google’s device comes in as the cheapest of the top devices. It is essentially a wireless HDMI input and plugs straight into the HDMI port on a screen. It is controlled by smartphones, tablets, and computers to send media onto the bigger screen. It supports Android, Apple’s operating systems, and PC.

5. Roku Streaming Stick: 

This device falls a little more in the middle at $50. Though it’s similar in many respects to the Chromecast in how it works — as a wireless HDMI input — the price includes a controller, so it doesn’t require another device to function. Of course, it still can be controlled with a tablet or smartphone and act as an input for them. It also supports 7.1 channel surround sound.