‘Destiny’ Beta Reveals More Mystery

Source: Destiny game trailer via YouTube
The Destiny beta had much to reveal compared to the alpha. Players were treated to an open cinematic experience and cutscenes in between missions that gave meaning to what the Guardians were doing there — what my Guardian was doing there.

I was dead until my Ghost found me. It’s a bit jarring to think that people lost to the ruins of a once great civilization can be revived years later. But here I am, and the Tower where the Guardians reside and the mysterious Traveler had plans for me. Destiny doesn’t pin your Guardian into a legendary hero role that needs to save the day. I never much cared for the status Master Chief had to carry in the Halo franchise. Destiny’s tone was much more my speed, feeling like my Guardian was a part of something bigger.

I wasn’t alone — if I needed help, other Guardians were there to help me in the fight for humanity’s survival. There’s far less macho hero-type stuff going on here, however, and it was gratifying to see a fellow Guardian pinned by some Fallen, take them down, then ride off into the sunset on my Sparrow. But I’d be lying if the reverse didn’t happen to me more than once.

These kinds of interactions brought me back to the days when I played Star Wars: The Old Republic. There was a community out there to assist, but players were free to treat it like a single-player story. The MMO aspect of Destiny doesn’t feel as cluttered and goofy as other MMO like World of Warcraft (save for the dancing and gestures other players regularly spam one another with.) The lack of voice chat and any form of chat option out in the world helps keep it that way. Nothing ruins a sunset in Old Russia more than some kid flying across your screen, screaming over chat “F*ck you n0000b!” Or even seeing a constant stream of banter pinging the left corner of your screen in type-chat. It seems like an unrefined way of doing things after playing Destiny.