Is Facebook Taking Yet Another Stab at Snapchat?

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Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) is continuing in its Johnny-come-lately routine as it prepares once more to get in the game that Snapchat has been dominating. The social media giant has tried its hand more than once and failed, but it appears it will try again with a new app, this time a little less Snapchat clone and a bit more TapTalk clone.

According to sources for The Financial Times, Facebook is working on a project, codenamed Slingshot, that will function somewhat like the widely popular Snapchat app, which features limited lifespan photos, videos, texts, as well as video calls. For those familiar with Facebook’s delve into this sort of project, the Poke app might come to mind. That app also served as a Facebook’s competitor to Snapchat, but it has recently been pulled from the app stores.

In an odd reverse-reading of the saying “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em,” before Facebook made Poke in attempt to challenge Snapchat head-to-head, it actually tried to buy the company. Last year, it offered Snapchat creators Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy $3 billion for the company. As can be plainly seen, the offer was rejected by Snapchat.

This new attempt at a Snapchat-like app has been in development for several months and been overseen directly by Mark Zuckerberg, reports The Financial Times. Though the app could never see the light of day, one of the sources said it may come out as early as this month. Following the new system Facebook is implementing, it will also likely be a standalone app, rather than one that gets embedded in another of Facebook’s already popular apps.