5 Hot Video Game Rumors From Last Week: Sony’s New Game, VR, and More

Everyone love a juicy rumor, and all the more if there’s a chance that it’s true. Below, we run down the hottest video game rumors that have surfaced on the Internet lately and try to determine just how likely it is that they’ll come to fruition. So put on your Sherlock Holmes monocle and follow along.

Source: Thinkstock

Source: Thinkstock

Will Warner Bros. Take Over Xbox Entertainment Studios?

Microsoft has already announced it is shuttering its Xbox Entertainment Studios and canceling most of the projects currently in development. But maybe all hope is not lost? That’s according to an anonymous source speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, who says Microsoft is in talks with Warner Bros. to take over the floundering studio and possibly resurrect many of the once-doomed projects.

How likely is this to be true? It’s hard to say without further evidence, but it’s an exciting prospect. The studio was originally formed to produce geeky content exclusively for the Xbox One. If some of its projects could be saved from the guillotine of cancellation, it would be great news for people who like to be entertained. Also, Microsoft would probably rather get some money for the studio than call it a loss.

Verdict: Somewhat likely