Last Week’s Big Games Reviewed: A Mixed Bag

Murdered: Soul Suspect

Last week saw the launch of mostly mid-tier games, a space in which developers can take more risk than you’ll generally see in big, expensive AAA titles. The reviews are in, and some were winners while others were losers. Read on to see which titles are worth your hard-earned cash, and which ones to avoid.

Murdered: Soul Suspect

(PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC)

Consensus: Mixed

Last week’s biggest title was Murdered: Soul Suspect, a detective game starring a tattooed hero who wears a fedora. The hero also happens to be dead, and it’s up to his ghost — controlled by the player — to solve the mystery of who killed him and why. Since you’re a soul stuck wandering between life and the afterlife, you have plenty of time to search Salem for clues, help other unprocessed souls reach the afterlife, and solve a heap of mysteries along the way. Think of it as an East Coast L.A. Noire, but with ghosts.

So how is it? Unfortunately, it’s just “OK” according to most reviewers. It’s overly linear for a detective game, and there’s not a ton to do in the game besides solve the main mysteries and help other souls reach the afterlife. Plus, several people reported glitches and the occasional game-crashing bug. But for the most part, the bizarre story works and the game’s setting of Salem is very well made. In the words of Polygon’s reviewer, it “plays like a great B-movie.” If you don’t mind your games being a little silly and pulpy, this may be one to check out.