Last Week’s Games Reviewed: Some Good, Some Average

EA Sports UFC

It’s that wonderful time of the week when we look at the biggest video games that came out in the last seven days to see which ones are worth buying and which ones can safely be skipped. Last week, some very promising titles arrived, but only two came away with better-than-average reviews. To find out which ones, keep on reading.

EA Sports UFC

(Xbox One, PlayStation 4)

Consensus: Average

Only one gaming company gets the license to make an official UFC game each year, and this year the crown goes to Electronic Arts. EA Sports UFC takes many cues from the company’s boxing games, which means it features complex fighting mechanics worthy of the sport of mixed martial arts. Players use a combination of buttons and analog stick gestures to unleash a large variety of punches, kicks, grapples, takedowns, and submission moves. The game features about 100 fighters, including all the big names in the sport, plus Bruce Lee and UFC legend Royce Gracie as bonus characters.

So how did the game fare in reviews? Most critics seem to agree that it’s good but not great. EA got the look and feel of the matches right, with very impressive graphics — and it’s no surprise seeing as this game is only available for the newest-generation of consoles. IGN says, “These are some of the most impressive character models and animations I’ve ever seen in a game. Even up close and in motion, they appear natural and believable.”

Unfortunately, the game isn’t very welcoming to newcomers. It starts out with a dense tutorial that shows you how to do many of the moves in the game, but then it throws you in the octagon before you’ve had enough practice to succeed. Similar imbalances rear their head often in the single-player campaign. Still, most critics agree that this game sets a solid foundation for the inevitable sequels we’ll see in the future. If you don’t want to dive in just yet, just hang in there.