This Week’s 4 Biggest Video Game Releases

Christmas may be months away, but September is when we start to see a trickle of big blockbuster video games hitting the shelves. Not many games are coming out this week, but for a very good reason. One of the biggest games of the year hit shelves today, so game makers are steering clear so that they don’t get stomped in sales. Without further ado, here’s a list of four of the biggest, most interesting games launching this week.


  • Today (Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3)

In case you hadn’t heard, this game is a big deal. Destiny is the first title made by developer Bungie since it completed its stunning run on the Halo series. These gurus know their way around a first-person shooter, and they’re bringing all that talent to bear on a brand new IP.

So what, exactly, is Destiny? Like Halo, it’s a sci-fi first-person shooter that takes place in the distant future — 700 years, in this case. By that point, mankind has colonized other planets in the solar system, but a mysterious disaster has wiped out almost every human in the universe. Only one city remains populated, and it’s simply called the City. The game begins as these remaining Earth citizens learn that aliens have taken over the human colonies on other planets. You play as a Guardian, a soldier tasked with protecting the City from these hostile creatures.

What makes Destiny so special is that you’re always playing with other people online, kind of like an MMO. You’ll see other people going about their business in the game, and you can band together to raid alien habitations. Some bosses won’t be beatable unless you assemble a team of other Guardians to battle at your side, all of which is to say that if you want to play “the next big thing” in gaming, Destiny is it.