Snapchat’s Latest Trademarks Hint at This Future

Lionel Bonaventure/AFP/Getty Images

Snapchat’s two newest trademarks aren’t for the cat photo nor for the selfie – they’re for online payment software, prompting some people to speculate the chatting app may be looking into adding money to the mix.

While Snapchat is infamous for being used for sending sexts, the majority of site activity is far more innocent. It is one of the most popular chatting platforms among teens and young adults, making it valuable to investors. Adding in ways for the company to make money could only add to Snapchat’s value.

If Snapchat does get into payment transfers, as its now-trademarked technology suggests, it would not be the first messaging app to do so. Chinese chatting app WeChat has payment transfer software built into the app. It’s possible that Snapchat may do the same. The company has already been used to sell music via iTunes, and it could be heading in a direction where “Snap Sales” become a reality.

The company’s recent hires suggest that the company may be headed in a more revenue-friendly direction. Chief Operating Officer Emily White was hired from Instagram last year, where she had been head of business. PayPal President David Marcus was recently hired to head up the Messenger division. These and other hires suggest that Snapchat may be going in a more money-friendly direction.