7 of the Best Wii U Games Released So Far

New Super Mario Bros. U

Source: Nintendo

Ever since the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One hit the market, the Wii U seems to have taken a back seat in the minds of the gaming masses. It’s time to change that. We scoured review sites to find the best exclusive games currently available for Nintendo’s newest console. There’s some very good stuff on here, so if you haven’t picked up a Wii U, take a look at these games and see if now might be the time to change that.

7. New Super Mario Bros. U

Nintendo knows what people want — and apparently, they want to run and jump through a digital world as an overweight plumber. Actually, it’s not all that surprising when that digital world is as bursting with creativity as the Mushroom Kingdom is. This side-scrolling platformer recalls the good old days of early Mario games, while adding tons of new gameplay ideas to the mix. For starters, you can play the game with up to four players onscreen at once, while a fifth player uses the gamepad’s touchscreen to stun enemies and draw platforms on the screen. In case you thought there’s nothing new to add to a classic formula, Nintendo comes back with an enormous dose of creativity and shows you how wrong you were.