Will Apple’s 6 New Messaging Features Confuse iOS 8 Users?

iOS 8 Messaging

Source: Apple.com

From the iPhone 6 to the iWatch to iOS 8, Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) fans and investors are expecting big things from the company this fall. Among those are many changes to the iPhone, not only in the form of updates to the newest hardware, but also updates that existing iPhone users will see once iOS 8 deploys. One of the less-hyped areas where those changes will appear is in Messages, iOS’s native messaging app, which many users interact with extensively on a daily basis.

Over the weekend, The Guardian’s Charles Arthur wondered whether users will be confused by the new Messages app, which Apple previews on its website for iOS 8. The iPhone’s native messaging function,which has traditionally been used to send text messages, with a photo or video attached if the user chooses, will gain a variety of new features.

Arthur writes that the company is taking on a big risk by changing the Messages app, since it’s one that the average iOS user interacts with frequently and is already accustomed to. “Tweaking how a popular app or function works is as dangerous as defusing a bomb,” Arthur writes. “Get it wrong and you can just be left with wreckage.”

While that may be true for drastic changes to native apps, the changes that Apple is planning for Messages don’t seem like cause for alarm, even if they’re a little tricky for first-time users to navigate. The following are six new features that will be added to the native Messages app with iOS 8.