Xbox One vs. PS4 vs. Wii U: Microsoft Still Trailing Behind

Kiyoshi Ota/Getty Images

This generation’s console war has been in full swing for almost nine months, and the trajectory seemed clear from early on: Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One were clobbering Nintendo’s Wii U just about every month. But lately, the tides have started to turn. We now have July’s sales numbers, and the shifting pattern seems to be continuing, which means things are getting more and more interesting.

Before we dive into the new numbers, let’s take a peek at console sales over the last few months so we can get a clear view of the sales trends. In April, the PS4 not only bested the competition, but it sold more than the Xbox One and Wii U combined. VGChartz estimates that Sony sold a whopping 579,850 PS4 units, while Microsoft sold a respectable 335,101 Xbox Ones and Nintendo sold only 120,568 Wii U units. If you do the math, that works out to the PS4 selling over 73 percent more than the Xbox One and over 380 percent more than the Wii U.

In May, the PS4 sold 577,092 consoles to beat the Xbox One’s 178,481 in sales by 223 percent and the Wii U’s 276,396 sales by 108 percent, according to sales data from VGChartz. June told a similar story, although the PS4 didn’t manage to outsell both competing consoles combined. In June, the PS4 sold 412,761 units compared to the Xbox One’s 236,039 units and the Wii U’s 286,520. That’s still a solid beating, however, with the PS4 outselling the Xbox One by 75 percent and the Wii U by 44 percent.