Xiaomi Wants Newest Smartphone to Rival Apple’s iPhone

Wang Zhao/AFP/Getty Images

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi just announced the Mi 4, a new device to rival the internationally popular iPhone. The smartphone is meant to be a high-end competitor to Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone and Samsung’s (SSNLF.PK) Galaxy, both of which dominate the high-end smartphone market.

The Mi 4 smartphone is meant to compete with the likes of the iPhone and the Galaxy in emerging smartphone markets, according to PC World. (Yes, this means it won’t be available in the United States, Canada, or most of Europe.) Xiaomi primarily does business in China and Southeast Asian countries but has also recently expanded into the Russian, Mexican, and Brazilian markets.

At first glance, Xiaomi wants its new smartphone to be the better-priced, functional Android alternative to the iPhone. Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun made several comparisons to Apple’s flagship smartphone during his presentation, reported Reuters. The Mi 4 has a stainless steel case similar to the iPhone. The design is similar to the iPhone. When Jun brought up these comparisons, Xiaomi’s product always came out the superior product of the two options.