You’re on the Case: 4 Video Games You Should Investigate

phoenix wright, ace attorney, objection

Source: Capcom

Detectives: these eccentric loners have as much or more mystery that surrounds them and their methods than their own cases. Who doesn’t like to watch Sherlock Holmes’ maddening deductions that verge on the psychic? The best usually have more unorthodox approaches in how they investigate whether their process involves donning a cape and cowl or being dead. These detectives and their worlds challenge how we look at evidence, interrogate and question others, and when to follow your gut.

Phoenix Wright series (DS/3DS/iOS)

Puzzle over various cases that range from your own murder to catching a killer that leaves no evidence aside from the ashes of burned estates.
This fun, cartoony detective/lawyer game doesn’t take itself too seriously. You’ll understand if you’ve ever seen the outlandish “Objection!” meme around the Internet. Investigate crime scenes, question witnesses, and bring back what you’ve discovered to court and help defend your clients from wrongful imprisonment. One of the latest entries in the series pairs together the Phoenix Wright legal team with Professor Layton’s puzzle solving duo.