YouTube Upgrades Its Services for Content Creators

Source: Thinkstock

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki unveiled new features for YouTube fans and content creators during her keynote at VidCon on Thursday. YouTube, which has been owned by Google (NASDAQ:GOOG)(NASDAQ:GOOGL) since 2006, has two main groups of users: those who create content to distribute on the site, and those who view that content. Most of the changes that YouTube announced are targeted at making it easier for content creators to make better, more popular content. And that’s great for YouTube, which pulls in revenue by placing advertising on popular videos.

According to a post on YouTube’s Creators blog — plus Wojcicki’s keynote — the new features were created to help YouTube content creators “make more [their] videos even more awesome, to reach global audiences and grow [their] businesses on YouTube.” Here’s a look at the new features that will be rolling out to YouTube on varying timelines within the next few months.

Crowd-sourced translation

The feature, called Fan Subtitles, will encourage bilingual YouTube users to enter subtitles for videos. Mashable reports that Wojcicki told the VidCon audience at the Anaheim Convention Center in California that YouTube’s goal is “to make it that every video uploaded to YouTube will be available in every language.” The feature will also help users who are deaf or hard of hearing. Fans will be able to submit translations based on subtitles and captions provided by the content creator.

Analytics and management app

A mobile app called YouTube Creator Studio will enable content creators to track their channels’ metrics in real time, versus waiting up to three days to see updated stats, as they have in the past. The app, which is currently available on Android and will launch for iOS in the coming weeks, will also enable content creators to manage their videos. The app will be accompanied by changes to the desktop version of the Creator Studio, as well.