United Continental Finally Gets Boeings Ordered in 2004

United Continental Holdings (NYSE:UAL) president and CEO Jeff Smisek is excited to announce the H2 2012 delivery of the Boeing 787 (NYSE:BA). He hopes the implementation of the bigger, lighter, and more fuel-efficient airbus will be the first move in a turn that will bring the company consistently higher margins from now on.

Smisek ordered a fleet of 787’s in 2004 with hopes to receive them by 2008, yet several setbacks postponed their delivery until now. However Smisek remains satisfied because the first ever carbon-fiber aircrafts are more comfortable, quieter, and run on 20% less fuel—an increased efficiency that he says will cut company costs by epic proportions. The new aircraft also boasts extended flight ranges, allowing the United Continental (NYSE:UAL) to announce non-stop service from Houston, TX, to Auckland, New Zealand.

“I think we’re at the cusp of having an airline business in the United States that actually makes money (and) makes it consistently, sustainably, sufficiently,” Smisek said.

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