10 Fastest Electric Motorcycles 0-60

Chip Yates bike

2. Chip Yates Superbike (1.0-2.0 seconds)

Racer Chip Yates retired after a record-setting run in which he claimed 8 FIM Official World Records, 4 AMA National Records, and4 AMA Championship No. 1 Plates with his electric superbike. In addition, Yates notched the World Record at Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. On a bike said to go faster than the Lightning Superbike, Yates’s e-monster was the first to show up gas-powered bikes at the Auto Club Speedway.

With 258 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque, the Yates machine is the world’s most powerful road-racing bike. It packs more torque than a Formula 1 car. Exact quotes are not available, but there’s no chance the Yates bike takes longer than 2 seconds to go 0-60. It features more than twice the torque of the Lightning bike.

Watch Yates in action on the bike here (race begins at 0:21):