10 Future Classics to Buy Right Now

2. 1986-1991 BMW M3

Source: BMW

Approaching 30 and aging beautifully, the first-generation M3 has become one of the most iconic and beloved cars BMW has ever built. It could arguably be called the greatest car the makers of “the Ultimate Driving Machine” have ever built. BMW’s M-Motorsport division built the M3 for racing homologation, and the car was little more than a street-legal race car.

But since it was based on the excellent E30 model 3-Series, the M3’s seamless blend of race-ready performance, superlative handling, and real-world usability makes the nearly 30-year-old car a capable performer, even by today’s standards. With prices for immaculate E30 M3s already approaching the price of a new M3, the days for getting these legendary Bimmers on the cheap are long over. The original M3 is still the standard all BMW M cars are judged by. As a result, it comes in at number four on eBay’s list.

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