10 Most Common Driving-Related Embarrassments

We all do things we’re not proud of, and when those instances occur in public, it’s considerably more embarrassing than if they were to happen to us at home. Add to that the potential of doing something you’re not proud of in an automobile, surrounded by others in some of the most publicly exposed regions on earth: roadways and parking lots.

The truth is, everyone has had their whoopsie daisy moments while behind the wheel or just interfacing with their car in general, and if they haven’t, they will. But what’s the most common embarrassing thing you can do when out and about? Insurance.com set out to find out exactly what that might be.

The site surveyed 2,000 drivers (half men and half women) and “asked them about their awkward driving flubs,” it said. “Respondents identified what they had done from a list of 17 driving embarrassments.” We’ve listed the top ten most common embarrassing episodes below for your reading enjoyment. Note that since we only included the top ten, and given the way the survey was calculated, the percentages may not equate to a round 100 percent (you can see the full report here.)

“It’s those moments when you hope nobody is watching,” said Des Toups, managing editor of Insurance.com, “You’re walking around, clicking your key fob repeatedly for some sign of your car, or you just took five tries to get into a parking space.”

Here are the top ten most embarrassing moments had while driving, which prove that no, you’re not alone.

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