15 of Nissan’s Fastest Vehicles

The history of Nissan goes a long way back. The company was founded one day after Christmas in 1933, and production started with Datsun vehicles, which many people know as the small, older pickups that are sometimes found cruising around modern American cities. The company now has headquarters in Yokohama, Japan, where it runs its global vehicular empire under several brand names, including Infiniti and Nismo.

The company first produced vehicles in 1935, when the first Datsuns rolled off the assembly line, and since then, Nissan has become a mainstay in markets around the globe. Today, Nissan is one of the world’s most popular vehicle companies, offering a variety of sedans, sports cars, SUVs, and pickup trucks. Here, we’re going to take a look at the 15 fastest models the company has ever produced.

There are a number of models throughout the years that may deserve a spot on the list, including, but not limited to, the 200SX, the 240SX, Fuga Y51, the Pulsar, and most recently, the Juke-R. Many have not been included because official performance statistics are not available, or because the models were modified by third parties. Concepts and one-offs were also excluded. The rankings themselves were compiled using fastest acceleration speed from 0-60 miles per hour, with other factors taken into account, including top overall speed, horsepower, and torque.

Read on to see the 15 fastest Nissan vehicles of all time.