3 Auto Stocks Going Places: Ford’s Fusion Production, Honda’s New Fit, GM’s Engine Production

Ford Motor Co. (NYSE:F): Increased production capacity should alleviate the constraints for Fusion output, as the company is readying a second plant to manufacture the model. A facility in Flat Rock, Michigan, will be able to push out 100,000 Fusion sedans per year, according to the company. The midsize sedan is coming off one of its best months ever as automakers enjoyed robust demand through August.


Honda Motor Co. (NYSE:HMC): Honda’s redesigned compact Fit car has made its debut in Japan and will make its way to American shores before long. The new car will also be the first Fit model to be manufactured in North America, as Honda is opening up a Mexican factory that is scheduled to start in spring 2014. The manufacturer will be able to produce 200,000 Fits for the North American market in North America, which will ease some of the company’s expenses.


General Motors (NYSE:GM): GM has initiated production at its Tonawanda facility in Buffalo, New York, which is charged with constructing the EcoTec3 4.3-liter V6, the 5.3-liter V8, and the 6.2-liter V8 for GM’s truck lines. The plant will also manufacture the EcoTec 2 liter turbo units and the EcoTec 2.5 liter four-cylinder engines for the Chevy Malibu and Cadillac ATS as well as a 2-liter turbo for the 2014 Cadillac CTS. The company is hoping to produce around 100,000 engines annually at the site.


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