3 Auto Stocks Going Places: Musk on Shorting Tesla, Ford’s Raptor Proves Popular, GM’s Power Title

Tesla Motors (NASDAQ:TSLA): Tesla shares are trading down after CEO Elon Musk told Fox News that it’s probably not as crazy to short the stock as it was a little while ago, though he quickly added it’s still likely not a good idea. While investors don’t seem to be heeding the warning as much, Tesla has offered surprise after surprise so far this year, with earnings beats and increased production and guidance.

TSLA 20130913

Ford Motor Co. (NYSE:F): Rising fuel costs combined with a city rating of 11 miles per gallon (but 16mpg on the highway) don’t seem to be turning the masses off the F-150 Raptor (though chances are, those concerned with fuel economy fall in a different camp). The car has set record sales in eight of the past 10 months, representing a 14 percent jump in 2013 so far. According to Ford’s truck group marketing manager, Doug Scott, it’s capability that keeps the Raptor selling strong.

F 20130913

General Motors Co. (NYSE:GM): While Ford’s trucks may be the best sellers, GM is the choice of vehicle for those seeking the most powerful truck available. GM’s 6.2-liter V8 with 420 horsepower and 460 pound-feet of torque is the most powerful unit available for mainstream pickup trucks, and paired with the Max Trailering Package, owners will be able to pull a mighty 12,000 pounds.

GM 20130913

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