3 Auto Stocks Going Places: Toyota Pushes Camry Sales, Ford’s Police Safety System, and Honda’s Big Fit

Toyota Motor Corp. (NYSE:TM): Though its Camry has logged more than 10 years as the top-selling mid-size sedan in the U.S., Toyota is finding it increasingly difficult to keep the car there. To make up for slowing sales, the company is unleashing all the financial tools at its disposal — leases, rebates, discounts, and so on — to make sure the car keeps its crown.


Ford Motor Co. (NYSE:F): Ford is patenting a system for law enforcement officials — more specifically, their vehicles — that will offer an additional layer of protection for when an individual is sitting in his or her vehicle. The new surveillance system will automatically sound a chime, lock the doors, and put up the windows if it detects someone approaching the car from behind.


Honda Motor Co. (NYSE:HMC): Honda has overhauled its compact Fit, introducing a long list of firsts to the car. The new model will offer a more sporty aesthetic and re-engineered hybrid drivetrain, and takes cues from its Civic sibling, which has been selling quite well for the company. It will also help Honda move forward with its new look, as the company had recently fallen into a rather “stale” mode of design.


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