5 Comfy Cars Designed for the Larger American


2015 Volkswagen Beetle  Source: Volkswagen

2. Volkswagen Beetle

This next offering may come as a bit of a shocker to some, but the Volkswagen Beetle is an excellent option for any large person who doesn’t want a large car. The modern Beetle has long been a favorite choice of the rotund, and it continues to offer some of the best doors on the market for this very reason. The sporty steering wheel, with its flat bottom gives increased leg room, and while it may seem small on the outside, this German machine offers excellent headroom, ample seat adjust-ability, extremely long seat tracks, and excellent visibility courtesy of those larger than life front windows. The base model starts off at just $20,695, and as the sticker price grows from there just be forewarned that the sportier models will have more aggressive bolstering in the seats, so it is best to stick with a simpler model and just add the amenities one wants.