5 Leading Cars Delivering 35-40 Combined Miles Per Gallon

source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/craigyc/

Vehicle manufacturers have responded to increased calls for more efficient vehicles with a myriad of new vehicles over the past decade. A growing emphasis on environmentally friendly business practices and products has led to leaps in automobile technology — and even entirely new brands.

As regulation on fuel efficiency and calls from consumers for low emission vehicles, the auto landscape has been turned into an arms race for car makers, setting out to craft vehicles that balance comfort and reliability with high efficiency. An easy way to determine a vehicle’s efficiency standard is to look at the combined miles per gallon average. This data takes into account the miles per gallon a given vehicle will get in city driving conditions, as well as on the highway. We’ve made it our goal to showcase the very best selections for vehicles that average between 35-40 combined miles per gallon.

While many vehicles types like pickup trucks and SUVs tend to top out at 30 mpg, there is still a solid selection of choices available for the eco-conscious driver. There does seem to be a rift between vehicles achieving 30 and 40 mpg. Many vehicle types, like compact crossovers and all-wheel drive cars, tend to fall under the mark, while super efficient hybrids usually hit better marks. We take a look at the best selection from a few categories and take into account efficiency standards, price, and comfort.

Here are five vehicles that hit the 35-40 combined miles per gallon mark on average. For the given category, these are sure-fire bets for any car shopper.