5 Simple, But Clever Solutions for Car Conundrums


The automotive world is rife with complex issues — from engineering and mechanical problems to entertainment and climate control concerns. As technology progresses, manufacturers and engineers have taken on these problems, many in a case-by-case basis. This has led to many standard vehicle features that have led to increased safety and better overall performance over the years. From steering wheel designs to sleeker exteriors, the evolution of the modern automobile has been a long series of engineering triumphs over problems of many proportions.

At the root of every automotive issue is usually a simple solution, as is witnessed so often in all facets of life. In the automotive world, most big design and engineering changes start at the concept level, or are integrated in by Formula 1 teams and into high-end super cars. From there, technologies are perfected and passed down to the consumer level where everyday drivers reap the benefits.

Here are five simple and innovative solutions to complex automotive problems that are currently in development or that can be found on the road today.