6 Midsize Sedans Changing the Face of the Segment


Americans have a love affair with sedans. After pickup trucks, they are the most-purchased vehicles in the country, ahead of crossovers, wagons, coupes, hatchbacks, and so on. It’s only natural, then, that sedans represent the cutting edge of design and innovation; except, until a year or two ago, that wasn’t the case.

Sedans were popular in part because they were simple, understated, and got the job done. It’s hard to look at some of the sedans from the early- to mid-2000s and convince yourself that they were the best cars they could be. Excluding luxury models, many were, at best, quite boring.

However, it seems automakers have finally gotten the formula right, and the midsize-sedan segment is flourishing like never before. New technologies, better designs, and a far more premium feel are now the new standards of the sedan category, and the cars arguably look better than ever before.

Here’s a sampling of some of these new designs, to which automakers are pinning their hopes of big sales for America’s favorite type of car.