8 Top Used Cars to Buy for $10,000 or Less

Source: Thinkstock

It’s no secret that Consumer Reports has for the past several years favored cars of the Japanese and Asian persuasion in its testing and reports, though it’s also hard to argue that a few years ago, the American auto industry was at the top of its game. This is a particularly important factor for the publication’s latest issuance, a revised list of best used cars.

Not surprisingly, the list is dominated by Japanese brands, which for years have clung to a reputation of being astoundingly reliable. American cars, meanwhile, didn’t fare so well — fortunately, that appears to be changing, as domestic cars being produced today are arguably the best in many decades.

Nonetheless, those vehicles aren’t old enough to be good candidates for used cars just yet, especially ones sporting a meaningful decrease in price (arguably the first reason buyers shop for used vehicles: they’re cheaper).

Here’s a list of eight used cars that Consumer Reports feels offer the best deals — the most for your money, as it were.