10 Car Dealer Scams That Should Be on Every Consumer’s Radar

Car shopping at a dealership

Consumers should be on the lookout for scams shady car dealers may play | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Everyone loves shopping for a new car. Actually, no one does. It’s right up there with looking for an apartment in the cold of winter or pricing caskets. The only part that’s fun is test-driving a car you know you would never buy. But that’s not really shopping. That’s borrowing someone’s car for a joy ride.

When it comes to comparing model specs, looking for discounts, factoring in finance terms, understanding fuel economy quotes, and looking at resale value (matching pre-owned versus new models), there is little to love about the car buying process. It only gets worse when an unethical auto dealer is trying to put one over on you. Then it’s anarchy.

However, you still need a car. The best way to proceed is to do your homework and never rush into any purchase. To help with dealers out to scam unwitting consumers, CarBuyingTips.com compiled the 10 best (or worst) car dealer scams consumers should have on their radar when walking into a dealership. Here’s a look at the scams you should be ready to avoid.

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