Chevrolet to Release Corvette Convertible in Exclusive Style


With the hardtop edition of the Chevrolet (NYSE:GM) Corvette Stingray now being distributed accordingly to its awaiting dealers and buyers, it was only a matter of time before its roofless sibling began its own journey en route to showrooms. That journey has indeed begun, and to commemorate, Chevrolet has popped the proverbial champagne with a special edition model.

Some 550 customers will be able to spring for the exclusive Premiere Edition convertible, which is offered in Lime Rock Green with a tan top and will be loaded up with all the accouterments from the base 3LT Z51 Convertible with a few additional perks.

Included on these 550 models will be dealer-option five-spoke wheels (complete with Stingray-logo center caps), suede upholstery on the inside, carbon-fiber trim, and exclusive door sill plates. The Premiere Edition roadster will also arrive with optional extras such as a performance exhaust and Magnetic Selective Ride Control fitted as standard, as well as a full five-piece luggage set from Thule, valued at some $920.


The special package is slated to go on sale early next year for the not-very-meager price of $77,450, including destination charges. This is about a $10,000 premium on the base 3LT Z51 and is still about $4,000 more than a fully loaded model, Autoblog reports.

Four grand on top of the loaded model might seem steep, but for some — collectors especially — the exclusivity factor will likely be the real demand driver in this case. Naturally, each car will be fitted with a unique VIN sequence and special dash plaques commemorating their distinction.

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