Chevrolet’s New Ad Campaign Aims at the Heart of Pickup Buyers

Chevrolet Silverado Pick up

Now that it’s got the product, General Motors (NYSE:GM) must now focus on making people want it — or in some cases, wanting it even more — and that’s exactly what the company’s intentions are behind a “huge” ad campaign for the all-new Silverado light-duty pickup. Chevrolet marketing executive Chris Perry said the campaign, which makes its TV debut on July 4, will likely be the automaker’s largest in terms of spending in at least six or seven years.

Based around the notion that “a man and his truck equals strong,” the new campaign is intended to resonate with buyers and help GM to “take back the soulfulness of the (pickup category),” Perry said. He added that GM’s ad spending will be more than the last Silverado launch, but he remained mum on just how much exactly the campaign was going to cost.

Aiming for an emotional bond that conveys “American values such as determination, selflessness and commitment to family and community,” Chevy has a long, hard road ahead — Ford’s (NYSE:F) F-150 pickup line has been the best selling line of trucks for nearly 40 years, and its momentum hasn’t slowed. Gains by Fiat’s (FIATY.PK) Ram brand are also working against the Silverado, which faces an unrelentingly competitive market straight out of the gate.

Perry says that the new ad is more about aligning the values that the company sees in its truck, with those of the people who buy them.

“Now we feel we have this opportunity to really do both — highlight the strengths of the truck and show how it’s superior to the competition, and also reflect those values,” Perry pointed out.

Chevy Silverado Red Pickup

Grammy award-winning country singer Will Hoge provides the soundtrack to the Strong campaign, while the ad itself shows Chevy owners from Texas and Washington state. GM will include more pieces of family life in its new Silverado strategy, as many truck buyers today look for a truck that can juggle both work and family duties, said Lloyd Biermann, Silverado marketing manager, in an interview with Detroit News last month.

The Texas piece is critical for Chevy’s new campaign. One in six pickup sales in America happen in the Lone Star state, while the Dallas/Forth Worth area alone accounts for 3.6 percent of all Silverado sales. Check out the 60-second spot below.

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