Chrysler and GM Sales are Shocking

Reid Bigland, Chrysler’s head of U.S. sales after reporting Chrysler’s stellar sales performance in September – “There is no double dip downturn going on around here.” Chrysler had a blockbuster U.S. sales month September, recording a 27% jump to over 127,000 vehicles. Car sales jumped 12% and trucks a whopping 33%.

Chrysler’s numbers were not in isolation, and GM (NYSE:GM) reported similarly upbeat figures, so obviously auto-makers are in a sweet spot. GM clocked a near 20% surge in September US sales to over 200,000 units, and significantly, retail sales jumped 19%, a 74% share of total sales.

“For GM, all of the factors that say this is a good time to buy a new vehicle outweigh the bad news that appears to be slowing down the broader economic recovery,” said Don Johnson, GM’s head of U.S. sales.