Dun Dun Dun! Another Recall for Ford

Lincoln MKS

Ford Motor Co (NYSE:F) has announced a recall of 13,000 Explorer, Taurus, and Lincoln MKS cars and SUVs after receiving reports that child safety locks were failing to work on rear doors. The company found that the vehicles’ safety locks can be turned off when doors are opened or closed, giving children the ability to open the back doors with their inside handles and potentially injure themselves, though no injuries have been reported.

The recall covers cars and SUVs built from November 29 to December 12 of last year, mainly 2013 models sold in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Though dealers will simply test the locks and replace door latches if needed, the setback follows a succession of nasty recalls for the company.

Earlier this month, Ford was forced to recall 465,000 vehicles after receiving more than 600 complaints of fuel leaks that led to concerns about fire risks. Models affected by problem include the the 2013 Ford Flex, Taurus, Explorer, Police Interceptor utilities and sedans, and Lincoln MKS, MKT, and MKZ vehicles.

And that wasn’t all. The automaker issued multiple significant recalls in March. It recalled 196,500 units early in the month due to its minivan lines suffering from corrosion problems, and a further 3,500 vehicles because of a fuel tank manufacturing defect.

Last year the company recalled 1.4 million cars. Before this most recent recall, Ford reportedly recalled 700,000 cars this year alone. With the recent recall affecting about 13,000 vehicles, it looks like the company’s new number is up to 713,000 — not a pretty sight for an automaker already working to stem losses in Europe and deal with a depreciation on the Japanese yen that CEO Alan Mulally calls “currency manipulation.”

Fortunately for Ford, the Dearborn-based car manufacturer isn’t the only U.S. automaker combatting massive recalls. Its rival, General Motors (NYSE:GM), is also facing similar problems. Its most recent setback was earlier this month, when 200,000 midsize SUVs were recalled due to the possibility of master power door and window modules in the driver’s door shorting out and catching fire. This event adds to the automaker’s recall in August, when 249,260 of the same trucks were withdrawn.

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